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Using handles on your rulers and squares | acrylic quilting templates

Quilting Ruler Handle Items of Interest

Guidelines4quilting Guidelines Ruler ConnectorGuidelines4quilting Guidelines Ruler Connector

Guidelines4Quilting-Template connector. Align and firmly connect two guideline rulers with four suction cups (rulers sold separately)! this package contains one template connector with a built-in handle. Made in USA.

Quint Measuring Systems GI-24 Grrrip It, 1-Inch x 24-InchQuint Measuring Systems GI-24 Grrrip It, 1-Inch x 24-Inch

Quint Measuring Systems Grrrip It helps reduce slippage. Wrap tool handles for homeowners professionals and contractors. It is also great for crafting/quilting rulers and templates. Apply to work benches, stairs, handrails and walkways. Install on shower and tub floor. The possibilities are endless. This package contains one 24 x 1 Inch of a grrrip it! texture. Made in USA.

My Comfort Rotary Cutter-28mmMy Comfort Rotary Cutter-28mm

THE GRACE COMPANY-TrueCut My Comfort Cutter. This ergonomic rotary cutter eliminates stress in the wrist and arm by aligning your wrist n aturally and placing cutting power directly over the blade. Plus the unique TrueCut guide, when combined with the TrueCut Ruler Track (not included) gives you precise cuts every time and keeps your cutter from slipping off the ruler's edge. Customizable handle inserts mean you can personalize your cutter with designs or photos that your uniquely you! This package contains one 28mm cutter for right or left handed users. Cutter measures 5x4 inches. Caution: Contains sharp blade-handle with care. Imported.

Making Fabric Jewelry: 20+ Projects to Stitch, Fold, & WearMaking Fabric Jewelry: 20+ Projects to Stitch, Fold, & Wear

Use even the smallest scraps in your stash! Making Fabric Jewelry, the paperback edition of Stitched Jewels, presents 23 exquisite and beautifully photographed designs that incorporate cloth, textiles, and other common sewing materials. Enjoy inventive projects from top designers, including Ellen Gerritse's ornate leaf earrings from colorful fabric and mesh, Deborah Boschert's necklace built from circular swatches, and a sundress-inspired black-and-white gingham bracelet from Bethany Fields. Even if you're a sewer or quilter who's never made a piece of jewelry before, the easy techniques will have you creating new pieces in no time!

Gypsy Quilter The Original Gypsy GripperGypsy Quilter The Original Gypsy Gripper

Gypsy Quilter Gripper has a comfortable handle and 2 large suction cups with hand lock and release levers. Simply press the suction cups to any plastic ruler, then flip the levers to lock in place. Will work with smooth surface rulers that are at least 4 inches wide, including most rectangles, squares, and triangle shapes. Measures: 11-3/8 by 3-1/2 inches.

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Quilting Ruler Handle Auctions of Interest

The Original Gypsy Gripper--Ruler Handle--Brand Ne
The Original Gypsy Gripper--Ruler Handle--Brand Ne
Ends in 22 Days 17 Hours 36 Minutes 39 Seconds
Current price: $19.00 (18 bids)
Guidelines Ruler Connector-built in handle for Gui
Guidelines Ruler Connector-built in handle for Gui
Ends in 3 Days 2 Hours 20 Minutes 17 Seconds
Current price: $10.00 (0 bids)
300053- The Amazing Little Gripper Template Handle
300053- The Amazing Little Gripper Template Handle
Ends in 23 Hours 45 Minutes 39 Seconds
Current price: $8.49 (1 bid)
OMNIGRID Double Suction Cup Ruler Grip Handle, For
OMNIGRID Double Suction Cup Ruler Grip Handle, For
Ends in 21 Days 3 Hours 40 Minutes 22 Seconds
Current price: $13.99 (0 bids)
Guidelines Ruler Connector with built in handle fo
Guidelines Ruler Connector with built in handle fo
Ends in 15 Days 21 Hours 17 Minutes 24 Seconds
Current price: $12.99 (0 bids)
Guidelines Quilt Ruler Connector with built in han
Guidelines Quilt Ruler Connector with built in han
Ends in 12 Days 14 Hours 59 Minutes 10 Seconds
Current price: $10.00 (0 bids)
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